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Three technologies that will make screens disappear in five years

In five years all glass screens should be gone. Admit it, nobody likes having big screens in their house and I've seen offices in which they 'fight' for the large screen on a skateboard, which people lock in their office because they need it the day after. Yes, it is...

Hot or Not? Is your LinkedIn picture good enough?

As you might know, I’m a big fan of LinkedIn for B2B relation building. The platform offers an amazing reach and allows you to differentiate yourself and to create a personal or company brand. And as I have a marketing background I think it’s important to measure your...

Six years of blogging, worth it?

In 2011 I've started blogging with Enma.nl. Was it worth it? Yes, definetely. I'd love to share some insights and gainings which I got out of blogging for Enma.nl. And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all returning visitors! It really sparks me joy to see...

Why I add you on LinkedIn?

Some marketeers don't like adding people on LinkedIn with whom they don't have a personal connection. In my opinion, that's weird. If you are working on your personal or company branding you should expand all your networks. Does this mean that I have to accept...

3 tips to demo like a pro: observations on a random Russian

Today Facebook gave me a throwback to my holiday in Moscow four years ago, a memorable trip to one of the most vivid cities I've been to. One of the things I liked most was practicing hand gestures to order food and beverages as there aren't many people who spoke...

Writing clearly

Today I'd like to share an awesome article containing 20 rules for writing so crystal clear even your dumbest relative will understand: https://smartblogger.com/crystal-clear-writing/ My favorite Rule is #1: Use the “X who Y” formula to pigeonhole your readers....

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