On a Thursday evening I enter the supermarket. I collect my groceries and scan them with my lenses, I walk past the crowded shop shelves as I walk towards the check-out. My watch shows that I paid while I walk to my car. When I reach my car the trunk opens and I put my groceries in. While my car drives me home I watch the news on my cars windscreen. “They found a self-learning robot which escaped a testing facility three months ago, and discovered that it had duplicated itself using an abandoned car factory in Detroit.”

This is the future, or at least how I see it. Over the years we have seen the effects of technological developments on the music, film and software industry. These industries have reshaped and during the transformation big companies have fallen and risen. Using examples from these industries I’d like to share my vision on the role of marketers from now till 2025. I’d like to discuss if it is technology that affects behaviour or if it is the behaviour of consumers that affects technology. My main question is, what will a marketer do in a world in which people gather everything they need for themselves, using 3D printers or the uprising sharing economy?

Mark Grasmayer: This story will be continued in the following 8 blog posts and then I’ll make it available as an e-book with nice visuals, interviews with experts from different markets and other future-technologists.