Georgian Olive Communication Plan

Georgian Olive: Concepts which should be further developed by a professional Dutch designer

A clear mission

Our mission is to introduce the beautiful olive oil and culture of Georgia in The Netherlands. It is our personal quest to show people how a magnificent olive oil can bring a taste sensation to any dish.


Cultural enrichment

As can be read in the analysis of the plan, the Dutch are open to other cultures. Due to their high economic status the target group for Georgian Olive has reached the highest level within the Maslow Pyramid; Self-Actualization. In order to enhance this feeling we advice Georgian Olive to focus on sharing the Georgian culture to enhance the buyers perception on cultural development. Want to know more about how and why? Please read our plan.

People in the Netherlands

There are 17 million inhabitants of whom 76% are Dutch.

Urban population in the Netherlands

90% of the Dutch live in urban areas (compared to 53% in Georgia).

High economic diversification

The Netherlands as a nation hasmultiple types of revenue streams.

Biologic & healthy social trend

There is a big social trend in which the Dutch choose for biological & healthy food.

Households in the Netherlands

There are 7,7 milion households in the Netherlands.

Olive Oil price in the Netherlands

The average price for a bottle of olive oil: € 5.96.

Restaurants in the Netherlands

There are 24.990 restaurants in the Netherlands.

Supermarkets in the Netherlands

There are 3.060 supermarkets in the Netherlands.