Mark Grasmayer: tech-marketing futurist

I’d like to describe myself as a tech-marketing futurist. What is that? I believe my specialty is marketing non-physical products or services and technology using… Technology. With the power of technology, one man can beat a corporate marketing army. How did I start? I have always been fascinated about marketing, but during a music academy, my interest in music marketing grew because I saw how much difficulty artists had using marketing.

“Marketing destroys my music, I don’t want to make pop music” Well, hello genius! Changing your product could be a part of marketing, but it doesn’t have to be. So I started blogging on music marketing but quickly noticed that writers and other artists faced the same problem. They didn’t even know what marketing is, yet they resented it… Sigh. So I showed all of them (well not all of them, but 6.000 per month) that marketing is about telling your story (even if it’s noise metal or super weird art).

Then something cool happened. I rolled into technology and software. Actually, I love technology since I’m able to crawl but now I make my living marketing software (read: doing what I love). In my job as Product Evangelist, I help a lot of companies (and top-level marketeers) setting up their marketing for our software product Workspace 365. And I have learned some pretty slick marketing tricks while concurring the Netherlands and (in progress) the rest of the world.

I’m always looking to improve and test my skills. So if you need help or have some really great advice let me know. Because together we can become super rocket tech-marketeers! You may send me emails, tweets, LinkedIn invites or even add me on Facebook. Mail:


Mark Grasmaijer Grasmayer