Mark Grasmayer: B2B SaaS marketeer + future lover

My specialty is marketing the non-physical, like music, software and services. From a young age I was interested in human psychology. This led me to study marketing at the age of 15. After working for two years I realized life is short. So, I quit my job, played bass guitar for twelve hours a day and applied to two music schools. They both declined me saying that I had no chance to get accepted as I only practiced bass guitar for a year. Fast-forward and one year later I got accepted into multiple schools.

During the music academy, my interest in music marketing grew because I discovered a misconception of artists on marketing.

“Marketing destroys my music, I don’t want to make pop music”

Well, hello genius! Changing your product could be a part of marketing, but it doesn’t have to be.

So, I started blogging in 2011 on music marketing but quickly noticed that writers and other artists faced the same problem. They didn’t know what marketing is, yet they resented it… Sigh.

So, I started blogging about marketing to learn them that it is about telling your story (even if it’s noise metal or super weird art). After realizing that the ‘rock’ life is fun, but not sustainable, I applied to a lot of companies. And something cool happened…

I joined a start-up that focusses on B2B with a SaaS solution ( Now, seven years later we build a global partner network with 160+ service providers, have 3.000 customers and created a solid brand. The company is now in scale-up mode, giving new challenges that allow me to practice building and guiding teams.

On this blog I want to share pretty slick marketing tricks I learned while concurring the Netherlands and (in progress) the rest of the world. Next to my role as Head of Marketing, I’m also a guest lecturer in Digital Marketing for part-time students at the university of applied sciences in Amsterdam and I love to speak at digital events.

I’m always looking to improve my skills. So, if you need help or have some really great advice let me know. Together we can become rock-star B2B SaaS marketeers!

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