1 Tip for understanding laggards

1 Tip for understanding laggards

During my work I get to meet a lot of people working at IT-companies. And I love it, it’s great to work in such an innovative branch. At this moment I have gathered a such a great group of innovators around me, that I sometimes forget that there are also people who are afraid of change.

Tip 1: Meet the non-techies

As I am aware of this, I know it is important to speak with non-techies (the late majority & laggards). This gives a reality check at what speed new innovations will be adopted. I plan activities in which I surround myself with people who are afraid of new technologies, who want to keep working like they are used to for years. I even purposely plan meetings with people who are too busy to innovate.

Why would you do that Mark?

Good question. Doing this broadens my view, and it will help you as well. It helps you to understand the challenges non-techies face and widens your view on the world. Things which are so logical for you and the people around you can be really weird, futuristic or even scary for those you are less likely to meet on a daily base.

Awesome, I want that

My advice to you is to plan meetings with people who are doing the opposite of what you do (or even of what you think is right). Try to understand why they are so afraid of change and use that knowledge to either develop yourself, your product or your company.