Will you choose privacy or discount? The Future of Privacy

Will you choose privacy or discount? The Future of Privacy

Would you give up access to your Google Fit account if a health insurance company would give you 20% discount? Today a Dutch drivers association and insurance company, ANWB, announced a new method of getting discounts. Members can order a stick which will be placed in their car that will measure the drivers performance. How do they steer? Do they brake a lot? Etc. etc. etc. If someone scores 80-100 on driving safety they will get a discount of 30%, the lower you score on driving safety, the lower your discount. 

So this made me think… Would I give up access to my Google Fit account if my insurance company would make me such an offer on life style?

At this moment, probably not. I work full-time & study on saturdays, so my average sit-ratio is about 16 hours a day. Luckily, I also walk to the water tap, fridge and my car, making my movement around the 7 hours a week -yikes-. I can’t imagine earning a discount with this sitting live style of mine.


The wonderful effect of working at home (and having a flu)

But what if they would give me a discount of 20%? Would this motivate me to move e.g. one hour a week extra? 

I don’t know yet. But I think it is time to have a good thought about this, as I can imagine that this will probably be introduced in the coming year.