The arrival of free products part 2/9

‘Pay for software? Only if I can’t download it. Pay for a movie? Never. Pay for music? You must be from before 1998 (a.k.a. pre-Napster, explanation will follow).’ This would be the answers you’d get a few years ago. But thanks to the creativity (and urgency) these...

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The role of Marketing part 1/9

On a Thursday evening I enter the supermarket. I collect my groceries and scan them with my lenses, I walk past the crowded shop shelves as I walk towards the check-out. My watch shows that I paid while I walk to my car. When I reach my car the trunk opens and I put...

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  What's all this fuzz about? I believe one man can beat entire marketing armies from big corporate businesses by using technology and all the free knowledge that is accessible on the webz. I'm in the mid of this journey myself working at a software company who...

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This was the old Enma. It was focussed on entertainment marketing to stimulate the Dutch culture.